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What is albion online?

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG set in an open medieval fantasy world. The whole economy is driven by the players, all items you can loot or buy are crafted by the players as well.

It's a completely unique classless system which takes place in Albion, unlike many MMORPG or RPG you are what you wear. The world of Albion Online is huge, explore it with your friends, riding your mount across the beautiful landscapes! But be careful! Some areas are PvP(Player vs Player) only, prepare to fight for your life, for your loot and to defend the weak...or not. Play with your guild versus other guild, conquer territories, kill criminal player or become one! Everything is possible in the fantastic world of Albion.

Gatherer, crafter, trader, conquer or, everyone can take part. Everyone count, every pickaxe hit matter!

Is Albion Online free to play? Do I have to buy the game?

There is no Free 2 play and no Pay 2 Win in Albion. Of course there is micro-payment like gold or premium but eveything you can buy with real money can be buy with the in-game money (Silver coins). So if you're good enough, strong farmer, strong Playerkiller or strong trader you can do everything you want in the world of Albion Online. Patience and grinding are your best weapon.

You will have to spend money at least once for the starter pack at the cost of $30. It will allow you to join a guild or build your own personnal island and start farming on it (and making profit!).

Can I try the game without spending money?

I won't spend 30$ in a game I can't try out before...

Of course, this is completely normal. But we have a completely free solution for you! You could play the game for free for 7 days once you redeemed one of our free trial keys! That's why trial keys are there for!

What are Albion Online trial keys?

As I said before, you can do what you want in Albion Online, and this is the strenght of this game.

Players have the possibility to spend their Gold or Silver coins in trial keys. Then they can give the trial key they bought to someone they know or not.

Trial keys can be bought in game :

As a reward, they (the sponsor) will received some gold and maybe special gift like rare mounts ... BUT ONLY IF the referrals (you) buy the starter pack (30$)

As a reward, the refferal (player who bought and gave the key) will received some gold and maybe special gift like rare mounts.

How to use an Albion Online trial key?

1. Create an account on Albion Onlite site

2. Download the game client

3. Login and redeemm the Ablion Online trial key in the box

4. Enjoy the game for at least a week!

What game pack should I buy?

There are three different game packs that you can buy:

They all provide the same in-game features but buying one pack or another will give you more gold or more premium time.

To be honest they are pretty much the same. If you're short on money I would recommend to stick to the starter pack. But if you're short in time and you wanna kickstart your game both epic and legendary are (equally) great!

Items given in epic / legendary packs are not worth much gold so don't capitalize on that.

Are there streamings and giveaways on Albion?

Albion Online is not a popular game on Twitch.

What to do once I logged in for the first time?

Starter guide


Gathering ressources is pretty much the more basic thing you can do in the game. But it's also one of the most profitable and it's quite a good way of doing money.

Each ressource has a specific tier. You need to be able to gather that tier in order to farm it. To gather a certain tier, well... you have to gather the lower tier for a while then you'll unlock the superior tier. For early tiers (4-5) it won't take long (only a few hourse), but for higher tier it will require quite a lot of time.

Once you hit the 5th tier I strongly recommend you gather in black zone. It's risky and you might (will) loose your ressources and your stuff, but it's worth taking the risk. If you bring low level stuff (T4-5 gatherer stuff) it will cost you around 20k silver to restuff (it's not much compared to the extra ressources you'll bring from black zone). Also, for efficient farming you should always farm the ressource from the lower tier than the one you're farming (ie gather T6 if you're farming T7).

In black zone you can focus on enchanted ressources that will bring you twice the fame but farming everything you see is pretty much always the best option you've got.

Also make sure to always bring T7 pies as they'll provide extra yield + carrying bonus. Again, 3k silver might seem a bit expensive but it's not. Say you find a T6.3 ore (worth 15k-25k depending on the ressource / market) and you get an extra yield : then you just made at least a 12k plus-value.



Fighting mobs (PvE)

Fighting players (PvP)

Fighting guilds (GvG)


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